EAT is the combination of the words “Events Across Turkey”, which is what European and International tourism professionals, investors, students, press and media establishments use to receive news about our country through Internet search engines. Currently, such search attempts bring forward the unfavourable incidents that have occurred successively in our country in the recent months.

Through the events we will carry out as EAT and with the PR work we will execute with our London based partnering agency, we aim to replace the news concerning the unfortunate events with news about culture, arts and tourism and the establishments that support these events.

Team EAT: It is composed of professionals served in such diverse fields as art, tourism, and gastronomy, media, education, advertising and event organisation. In the team we have a tourism professional, a food engineer, a film editor, a TV presenter, an academic, an art manager, an art consultant, a line producer, an an advertisement producer, economist and an organiser.

Having left their career aside, the team members have amalgamated their professional experience for EAT and have created strong synergy.

We hope to make many other ventures in the fields of tourism and event organisation and present Turkey in a productive way.

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